PUBG Mobile Lite: Review and apk download

PUBG Mobile Lite: Review and apk download

PUBG Lite Mobile is the latest and advanced version of PUBG game. The main purpose of this version of PUBG game is to make it available for the devices with less RAM. It is smaller in size but very much same as the heavier version of PUBG . This is supported by iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4. But you will not be surprised to know that people who play PUBG, 85 % of them are android users. This is the main reason which makes PUBG the most simultaneously played games of all the time.

PUBG Mobile Lite Compatiblity

PUBG Mobile Lite expands PUBG Mobile‚Äôs compatibility to even lower budget smart phones, In particular those which comes in low prices. The Lite version of the game is optimized for  smartphones which has low RAM and lower space, as the game is available in 400MB, It is designed to work on phones with less than 2GB of RAM. PUBG Mobile Lite consequently has a smaller map that comprises 60 gamers against the 100 gamers in the full version. Now the time of game play has reduced to 10 mins in comparison to the usual 25 mins of game play in the complete version.

This version of PUBG mobile is built with Engine 4. It consist of fast paced matches and a smaller map which can be played by 60 players easily at a time. This make it more thrilling and gives you a real combat experience. When duty calls, fire away freely on the battlefield for survival!

In this version of PUBG lite game all 60 players jumps with parachute on an island of size 4 Km square. All players have to compete each other while scavenging for weapons, vehicles and supplies. This battle is fought till the last player stand. Just fight and do anything which you can to survive.

PUBG Mobile Lite Graphics and Audio Quality

It has amazing graphics and HD audio quality. The modern unreal engine 4 gives it a jaw drooping visuals and geographical experience. Its stunning graphics makes it more realistic and HD map make it very easy for any tactical actions. It gives you real battle field experience with amazing 3d sound effect.

PUBG Mobile Lite Playing Experience

It is very easy to plan and make a team of your friends. You can control your moves and plan as you can do voice chat online. You can plan ambush for enemies. It is a fair game play there is no room for any cheat as it is corp orated with anti cheat mechanism.

Key Features of PUBG Mobile lite

  • Aiming has been made simpler and better also even on weaker networks.
  • Royal pass has been changed to the winner pass.
  • Lite version has an increased bullet speed.
  • Now it has lower weapon recoil.
  • This version makes game play more aggressive as this version has increased time to kill hence further increases player survival-ability.
  • With mini map range provision, it exposes shooter position hence it improves battle speed.
  • Players can heal while moving.
  • There are more building so the loot density and capacity of a player is increased.

PUBG Mobile Lite new 0.14.0 update

It has been updated by its maker Tencent. Now it has new rewards, outfits, emotes and more. PUBG mobile lite 0.14.0 updates make its graphics same as the older version. Now players can have winner pass season upgrade card so that they can have exclusive rewards. It has also been said in the next update PUBG light will have Miramar and Sanhok maps.

You will experience new background and pickup trucks. You will also have new system setting, improved UI/update pack size, upgraded customization guide, new battle parameters, more accurate RPG 7 and new graphically perfect bombing zone. It also add a new feature, if one log on to the game for 10 days, will get a free winner pass so that they can unlock elite winner pass season 4.

PUBG Mobile Lite apk download

PUBG popularity is growing day by day. It is being played in various parts of the world. Since it has become lighter, its popularity has increased. Here you can download pubg mobile lite apk easily and it work very well.

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